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Our Trip to Iceland - Hvitserkur Sea Stack Review

March 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hvitserkur - Dinosaur Rock in Northern Iceland Marquette, MI  -  March 24, 2017  -  Well, we've been in Iceland for three days now and despite the weather, it's been an absolutely amazing trip! During the last few days we've had pretty rough winds, rain and fog, but we've managed to find a break in the poor weather each day to take in the views and capture some shots. 

We've just come from our first location in Northern Iceland: Hvitserkur or the Dinosaur Rock. These geographical wonder was my favorite stop so far! All of the locations we've visited have been fantastic, but we haven't been able to get very close. With this sea stack, you can get right on the black sand beach and enjoy everything the site has to offer.

The site has so much to take advantage of during any point in the day. Morning - perfect for sunrise. Mid-day - low tide, amazing patterns in the sand. Late Day - High tide, perfect for reflections.

There's also a great waterfall at the mouth of the ocean that doubles as a site to see of its own and another spectacular foreground for Hvitserkur.

Reasons to visit:

  • Great View of the ocean from Northern Iceland Coastline
  • Easy access
    • Short walk to platform
    • More challenging to get to the beach but very doable
  • Amazing geographical landmark
  • Perfect location for sunrise shots
  • Perfect location for mid day shots - low tide.
    • During low tide, there are lines left in the sand from the water that make for a perfect foreground

Now I'm staying at a very quaint little horse farm/inn: Gauksmyri. The rooms are quite comfortable and they have tons of Icelandic Horses - hopefully they'll let us photography them :P!

We hope this helps you plan your own trip to Iceland and take in the sites. Check out some photos from our trip so far - check back for aurora pictures!

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