Saddleback Photo | Monthy Highlight: A Gift from the Upper Peninsula - The Northern Lights

Monthy Highlight: A Gift from the Upper Peninsula - The Northern Lights

May 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Saddleback Photography caught Northern Lights in Marquette, MI

Marquette, MI  -  May 27, 2016  -  Throughout the month of May, we have gotten to do a lot! We have covered First Communion at St. Peter Cathedral, cover multiple community events in Marquette, and even won third place in a state-wide photography contest! Best of all though, was our experience with the Northern Lights earlier this month!

One of the perks of living in the U.P. is something I never got back in Rochester Hills: the Northern Lights. Around 4 AM on May 8th (Mother's Day), the Northern Lights hit a peak. They were the best we have seen so far!

Andrew and I drove out to our favorite beach as soon as we heard the lights were really dancing. Making my way down the trail to the sandy shore, I tried to see the lights through the trees; I was scared I was going to miss their activity!

Once we got to the beach I was amazed by what I was seeing. Quickly I set up my camera and tripod and started shooting away. We made our way up the coastline and shot for a full hour and a half, the sky giving us beautiful photo after beautiful photo. There were pillars in the sky and you could even see the lights pulsing with energy!

Check out more photos from this night in Marquette, in our nightscape gallery.

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